söndag 8 april 2012

Terraria 1.1.2 Cracked Server

THE SERVER GOT NOW: 28 players.
Win 13 golds. If you beat players on spleef! 


~Weekly events
~Prison System
~Antihack System
~The House Protection System
~The Chests Protection
~Become an admin if you're trustable, and proof that you are.( We're recruiting right now.)


  •      1 .Dynamite is allowed, but only below ground (you must first dig down before using it). 
  •      2.  you see someone breaking rules report any Admins
  •      3.Any trees you cut down, please ensure you replant.
  •      3.Don't spread you'r own server! (Will result autoban permanently)
  •      4.Bosses can be spawned by regular players, but try to warn players before doing so. (DONT SPAWN NEAR NPC's!)
  •     5.DON'T ENTER "ADMINS ROOM" (Will result 10 minutes prison for tespassing)
  •       6.No asking admin for items, buffs and armor.(Will result prison for 10 minutes to teach you guys lesson.)
  •       7.The community house has free for all chests, any items within those chests can be taken, but can be used as a trash can for  any items you don't need (keep everything sorted, weapons together etc...)
  •      8.Don't edit or destroy  others "SIGN" 
  •      9.Follow all the rules!
  •       10.Apart from that have fun

If you got questions and problems or don't
know how to join just PM(send a messege) to zeventh.adm1@gmail.com
you will receive back our messege in 1 day.

Server Important Short Information
This is a server for cracked Terraria and it is 24/7  server so it always will be online.
 So dont be shy and join us, and tell your friends about it.
We will always update new coming cracked Terraria version for you
(as you can see "Download" at the top of the site)
 So you wont have to search the download for it, just click on 
"Download" and you will get the setup for the latest Terraria version

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